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Vicidial hosting companies in United Kingdom

Vicidial hosting is the important activity for any organization dealing with Inbound and Outbound calls.  It is important to understand that the dialing feature requires a large amount of storage as the call recordings will have to be stored and managed by the organization.  For such a feature to be enabled Vicidial requires a certain range of hosting on the servers . Companies across geographic location today will allow hosting of Vicidial on their respective servers with various hosting options Antheus This company provides the hosting of Vicidial solutions. They term themselves as the only company in UK which has acquired the approval to host Vicidial call center solution as they are the only hosting partner with Vicidial Call center solution for a 1000-seater team setup is required then Antheus will be the best option to choose from the set of hosting providers. Since Antheus is common among users it is necessary to understand that it provides a great scalability to attract the use